As a Recruitment Agency we focus on preparing and working with our candidates prior to starting date of employment if it is local employment, and if it is international employment we provide all necessary information before departure in order for candidates to have a better understanding of what is waiting for them abroad.

 How to prepare for a local job

Candidate needs to prepare for the interview, need to know about the company he/she has been shortlisted for. 

How to prepare for an international job

A candidate should indicate whether he/she will be going to the country where he/she will be working on a single status of family status before the whole process of VISA application starts. Most Saudi clients give housing allowances to employees, in some cases one can bring family along but candidates need to check with us first all this information will be stipulated to us by the client.

Medical Issues

Several medicals need to be stipulated in your VISA application before travelling, as health is extremely important.

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